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I been through a little mental exercise the last couple of weeks...I've used the Ultradot red dot's on 2 revolvers...old tired eyes and eye retinal problems in my right eye (dominant eye). Sort of got to using them after talking with North Country Gal a couple of years ago...

I have had a beautiful 8mm Mauser K98 that was sporterized back sometime in the 60's and it is a great rifle...I am not able to use the iron sights that were installed so needed another option. The bolt was not "forged" over (it is the stock bent bolt) and the original 3 position "flag" safety were left on the rifle as it's been an iron sights gun.

I have put scopes on my other rifles to help the old failing eyes and had planned to do the same with the Mauser...but my gunsmith suggested why not put on a Matchdot red dot on Weaver's configuation is such that no need to mess with the bolt bend or the safety...everything clears and works just fine. So that is what I did...then before ever firing a round I got involved in other things and it's been sitting in storage...bore sighted and ready to go for over a year figured it was time to dig it out and start shooting it and loading for it.

I got to looking it over and had some fears that with no magnification I'd be really limited at anything over about 25-50 yards...I do not hunt...only shoot for fun and 100 yards is my "home court" (again with my eyes that's about what I enjoy)...started doing some "sighting drills" from my garage down the block to a place I know to be about 80 or 90 yards and found that I was not able to properly pick up the aim point with the red dot if there was any light lacking at the target.

Since I often shoot at a 100 yard indoor target range with not the best lighting I got nervous (old guy syndrome) and figured I'd just do it "right"...talked with a man about forging the bolt to clear a scope and installing a 2 position lowered safety....cost was going to be about $150 including some high polish work as well.

Then what to do for a scope? I contacted N.C.G. and asked if she had need for another Ultradot..she replied she could use one and had a couple of scopes that might work...we chatted and almost made a deal and then I flaked out...decided before I "answer the phone before it rings" I need to just go shoot the darned thing exactly as I had set it up so off to the range today.

Darkness at the end of the range tunnel is my enemy...I shot about a dozen rounds at 50 yards and found that if I could control my eyesight the rifle would do it's part..but after a couple or three rounds my eyes began to suffer and ache and water and there went the consistancy of groups.

I pulled the target and took some of the little bright red "pasties" from some stick on targets and made a bright and distinct aiming point for what I was doing and the do I love that rifle...with Sellier and Bellot (my least favorite ammo) I consistantly placed 3 shots in an inch or less at 50 yards...I know that's not MOA and I'm deadly with my 25-06 and 7mm (both scoped) at 50 and 100...I moved back to 100 and was 1-1.5" groups.

I was shooting off a rolled bath towel atop my range bag...decent rest but not the best..I got a feeling that with some targets with a really good bright aim point and either my sand bags or my lead sled ...and some necksized home brew ammo..things might get really good.

I've had a few Mauser action rifles (have 3 now...7mmMauser, 8mm Mauser, and the 25-06 and love the way they do business...these are several cuts above "bubu" rifles...a collector would have a coronary if they saw the 8mm I was shooting today but it had been modified way long ago so I don't have any regrets.

My point here is there may be others out there that let all their shooting take place between their ears and in so doing I often talk myself out of trying things that eventually work out great....I'd flat talked myself out of using this with the red dot even though I have experience with them on handguns...I sort of figured the dark area and distance along with my eyes was a washout before even trying...I guess that is what happens when you get old and "timid"...Always nice to get a surprise and a nice one at the rifle doing what it's meant to do and enjoying the whole process...and also had a nice chat with N.C.G. and appreciate her offers to do a bit of swapping..

Here endeth my confession....don't be timid...I've only been messing with this stuff since about 1954 and never had any issues until the last few years when the eyes went south...I'm finding I can adapt and adjust (finding bright red paste on aim point) to draw my eye in...I placed the top of the red dot (smalest dot) right under the aim point plaster just like a 6 oclock hold with a handgun and it just shot the center out of the aim point over and over.

Whee and now to the Hoppes #9.

Not the best pic. of the rifle and the sight but all I got right now

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