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Are the rings carbon steel in the white, or stainless? Very difficult to find stainless steel QD rings, so that narrows it down a lot if they are.

I'd be very interested to know who built the rings too, regardless of who engraved them. At first I thought they were Alaska Arms - because of the lever - but AA's have two screws on top, and a more defined bevel. Talley's are available in stainless, but the QD versions are two screws up top, and the screw boss profile is rounded over the entire width, rather than the compound curve shown in your picture. The levers don't quite look like Talley's either, but they're close enough they could have been modified.

If it's a European maker, all of my bets are off.

So my best bet right now, if you want to duplicate something like this - is stainless Talley rings with QD levers, then spend $100 with a gunscratch to get them engraved and inlaid.

I'd also be prone to bet the engraving was done after original sale as part as a custom project. The inlaid gold wire isn't something everybody wants, so unless you had a rifle to match, that's a style choice most guys would skip.
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