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Just wanted to post a few links of some of the internet places I have bought from or just window shopped in the past.(kind of the chey of places—not the Mercedes) If any of ya’ll have a few internet sites that you think are worth a look-----please share.
I may not be able to afford to buy all the time, but I do still like to window shop.

Guns----used kittery has a used gun section with prices with a good search feature by brand. Usually a good bunch of the older pre-mark std 22 auto pistols and occasionally some nice ruger No. 1’s. p90/91’s on occasion and other rugers as well. Over-all a large selection of different used guns be it high standard, smith, or anything. Some pics available but not of everything. What they call 90% condition I call 80% condition so that is my biggest warning about them. Biggest plus is again a huge selection of different brands. summit I have bought one from. Seem to be good folks and guns are as advertised. Not near the selection of kittery but they have a lot of police trade in guns and sometimes the prices are very attractive on the used smiths and beretta’s. Sometimes they will post a price on some of them, sometimes they won’t. They have been advertising some govt. model mini 14’s. guns international appears to be a new competitor to gun broker and auction arms. Have not done business on that board but there selection continues to grow. Don’t like the search feature but ruger as others are broken down into sub-groups. Occasionaly will see a good deal but usually I’m too broke to buy. cherry’s---alright, i said no Mercedes just cheys, but they do have some chey’s so to speak that have been traded in on the Mercedes so every once in a while they will price to move the used "lower end" guns out. Again a good place sometimes for the average or the hard to find. general auction site general auction site bullentin board of guns

Again, if any of ya'll have a few favorite used guns for sale sites, the more the better as new ones seem to be getting awful high!
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