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I emailed Galco just to ask what they use to stiffen the top of the Stow-N-Go holster. You can't see, as it is sewed up in the leather collar. Part of their reply:

"Unfortunately I cannot tell you what we use as a stiffener for our holsters. Suffice it to say there is black magic involved. "

Great CS, huh?

A basic answer like ,"a stainless wire", or "a plastic strip" would have been nice. I'm just wondering how durable the "stiffener" would be for several reshapings, or if it would rust, whatever.

I like the holster for my LCRs, regardless.

EDIT: They just answered a reply I sent, with an apology. They though I was inquiring about the chemicals they use on the leather (?). The stiffener is a stainless wire, like someone had assumed on another forum.
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