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Anyone here get the Washington Post? I was reading the Metro section at lunch today, there happened to be one on the counter. Two stories, same page. Close enough to eachother you could have put a CCL down on the paper and covered part of both stories.

1. Sidebar of a story about the Virginia Tech panel was a statement from the families of the victims who are upset that they are not represented on the panel. Toward the end of the family statement it reads something like the families feel that 'sensible' gun control measures IN NO WAY infringe on the constitutional rights of citizens. And that they don't have an answer, but they KNOW FOR A FACT that the answer does not include wider accessibility of firearms on college campuses.

2. Small story in a blotter-type section. Closing time at a bowling alley, the last few employees, 2:30 in the morning, are locking up and walking outside. Two masked, armed men approach them and order them back inside the building. One of the employees 'picked up' his own gun (story didn't clarify if he was carrying it or if it was like behind the counter or something, but it was not the alley's gun, it was the employee's) and shot one of the robbers. 2nd robber fired a shot, hit nothing and ran outside. Shot guy goes outside and sits down and waits to be taken to hospital/jail, unshot guy drives off and is still at large.

Same page of the paper you read that guns cause problems and yet, miraculously, guns are solving problems just down the street.
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