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I apologize for this being my first post and asking this type of question, but I have a Mini-14 GBF that I bought new and don't ever shoot. I've changed over to more hunting type firearms.
It only has about 100 rounds through it and can't seem to find an accurate value. I hate to trade it in to a gunstore and give it away, but can't seem to find a realistic price for it.
I came to your forum because I figured you all would be the SME's on this firearm. If I posted this in the wrong area, I apologize and please either delete or move to the correct sub-forum,

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Junior2532, A good resource is always the Blue Book of Guns. The latest edition shows a standard Mini-14 in 98% condition is valued at $445. There is a 100% add for the GB version so that would total close to $900. At the local gun show last week, there were two used stainless GBs priced at $1000 each ... probably a bit high for their condition.
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