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Billy Graham finished up an engagement in Oklahoma City and boarded a plane for home. A limo driver met him up at the terminal and escorted him to the waiting limo. When they arrived at the car, Reverend Graham said to driver, "You know - I'm 87 years old and I've never driven a limo. Would you mind if I drove just this once?" The driver replied, "I don't see why not. Help yourself." With that, Mr. Graham climbed behind the wheel and the driver sat in the rear of the limo.

A rookie police officer was running his first speed trap a few miles down the road from the airport. A black limo sped by going 70 in a 55 mph zone. Excited, the rookie immediately began pursuit and the limo pulled to the side of the road and stopped. The officer walked to the car with his flashlight in one hand and ticket book in the other. As he approached the driver's door, the window slid down and Rev Graham said, "Good evening officer." The rookie mumbled something unintelligible and returned to his squad car. He called his watch commander on the radio and said he needed some advice.

The captain asked him what the problem was and the officer said, "I know that we are supposed to enforce the traffic laws and write tickets to violators. I'm new at this, but I know that we sometimes make exceptions for certain people. I have a VERY important person stopped and need your guidance."

"Is it the mayor?", asked the watch commander. "No, more important than that," replied the rookie. "Well is it the Governor?", asked the captain. "No more important than that!" said the officer. "You mean to tell me you have the President of the United States stopped?" "No, I'm afraid he's more important than that", said the rookie.

By this time the watch commander was tired of playing guessing games and was becoming really exasperated. "So just who the Hell DO you have stopped, rookie?" "Well I'm pretty sure it must be Jesus Christ, because his chauffer is Billy Graham!"
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