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Watch those Ducks!

Three friends die in a car crash and go to heaven. At the gates of heaven, St. Peter tells them that they can stay in heaven as long as they don't step on a duck. If they do, says St. Peter, then the duck will quack loudly and will make a lot of noise. So the men agree, thinking, "How hard could it be to avoid a duck?" As soon as St. Peter lets them in, they see ducks everywhere.

The first man, Travis, immediately steps on a duck. The duck makes a lot of noise, and as punishment, God comes and chains him to a very unattractive woman.

The second guy, Chad, steps on a duck a little bit later, and his punishment is being chained to an even uglier woman than the one Travis was chained to.

The third guy, Shawn, is extremely careful and manages not step on any ducks. Finally God comes up to him and chains a beautiful woman to him. "Wow", says Shawn, "what did I do to deserve this?"

God says to him, "You didn't do anything, she stepped on a duck."

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