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What do you do?

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Since we have a lot of new members, I thought it would be good to get to know a little about each other. You don't have to tell the bad, just the good. :) I am 64 years old, have a Wife, 3 children, and 3 grandsons. I am a Bookkeeper, Pres. of Panama Senior Citizens, Rancher, help out here, and supposed to be retired. My hobby is shooting and reloading. I have worked with people through my profession most of my life, and I enjoy (most) people. I enjoy this Board along with some others. Somebody else's turn.
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Well I am two days older than baseball and disabled now. After two heart attacks, bad lungs, and seizures. That's the Bad.
Married a Angel 30yrs ago 4 grils and house full of grand kids. Love them all to pieces.
I can still get around good and grew up with guns in my hands, as they were a tool on the farm. Sill love to go shooting and pinching paper. Reloading has become a great hobby for me. I have a little 2'x 4' bench in the day room, and it works great for me. I enjoy building up loads that my guns like, and that don't mean everyone has to be a fire cracker.
Retired truck driver, if that means anything. That's it. Baldy
I'm a young guy. In fact, just turned 21 on Aug. 27. I'm on the homestretch of my degree in accounting. I'm have no chilren, and currently work in sales. I live on 1000acre beef ranch, so that's basically a full-time job in itself. I enjoy shooting, and once I get a little spare time, I might start reloading.
33 year old computer programmer, bachelors in Computer Science, and living near Atlanta, GA.
I live with my wife of five years, a 9 month girl, a 11 year old step-daughter, and a handful of kitties.
My hobbies are computer programming, pc gaming, collecting firearms, and martial arts.
I've served 8 years in the US Army as a nuclear, chemical, and biological warfare specialist. During my military tenure, I served in Operation Desert Shield, Desert Storm, Uphold Democracy, and a few minor conflicts.
well i have a bs in computer info systems, i drive a forklift now though, i need to move out of the country to get a pc job i guess.

other than that, i shoot allot, reload allot, build and repair ppls computers on the side, i watch allot of movies and very little tv and im online allot lol.

what i realy enjoy is tweaking loads for my guns, and tinkering with 45 super loads mostly 250 grain bullets.
I do industrial maintenance now was in military for awhile (22 years), retired in 1992. I was in combat arms (INFANTY-11B), had many different jobs in ARMY but all connected to combat arms.
I (of course) like guns, shooting, fishing and plain old fashioned goofing off. Married to a mean old woman who keeps me(mostly)on the straight and narrow. I am 53 going on 17[}:)]
I'm a young guy, at the age of 27. I am a Chrysler/ASE Master Tech working at David Stanley Dodge in Midwest City, OK. I've graduated from Okalhoma State University with an Associate in Applied Science Automotive Service Technology-Chrysler.
Coming up soon, I'll get back into my winter(needs to be cooooooold) riding mode of trail riding on my dirt bike, which happens just about every weekend.
I plan on getting back into the local Cowboy Action Shooting this fall. I took a 1 1/2 year break from shooting due to me and my buddy riding every weekend, when a Cowboy match was happening. If you can't tell, I would rather freeze then melt away.(So most my activities happen during cooler weather, it just can't get to cold, only to hot.)
I enjoy just going out and plinking away at targets or things as well as just practicing with all the firearms.
I've had my Oklahoma Concealed Carry permit and done my part.
I am 48 and married. I am an Information Technology Director, I enjoy shooting my guns, fishing, playing my guitars, writing and recording my own music, and creating computer graphics. What more could a guy ask for?
I just turned 53. Not married anymore but have a wonderful woman in my life. Together we have a bunch of grandkid's. We shoot a lot of shotgun stuff together & a little pistol. I'm the lead body tech for Kansas Truck Center in Wichita & drive 120 miles round trip to work. I'm gearing up for U.S.P.S.A. & Three-Gun competition & I shoot in a Big Bore Bull's Eye league once a week in Wichita.
New here, 49 years old, Great wife of 29 years, 1 son-1 daughter, no grand children yet and in no hurry. Also have the uncurable Rugeritus!!!
Welcome to the forum, but this is not the place to get cured of the Rugeritus. Most of the people on this board has it. I think its catching.
I am 59, married to a Ruger collector wife, for the over the past 40 years, she used to be the 'Field Rep' for the Ruger Collectors Association for the state of Ohio. Been collecting guns since the 60's, we set up and display at many of the gun shows across the midwest (and Tulsa!) been retired from GE for 4 years. Worked both 'security' and 'LE' Owned a few gun shops over the past 40 years on the side, factory trained at S&W,Dan Wesson and High Standard back in the 70's. Shot competitively high power rifle, trap and skeet and bullseye, PPC and belong to NRA, Police Marksman Association and was a former director for the OGCA. Still belong to other gun collecting orgs. too.
We have 4 sons and I hear, a grandchild on the way, life is GOOD!

Still do the shows and tinker a bit on the side, but gave up the 'business' years ago, now it's all just a 'hobby'.............
Wow! When I grow up, I want to be just like RugerGuy! Only 11 years to go...
I'm 63 and I am the Windows Server Administrator for the Kansas State Dept. of Health & Environment. I manage and maintain 100+ Windows servers. I have a great wife of 24 years who puts up with me and my Ruger disease. I have 3 grown daughters, a grown step-son, 4 grandsons and a granddaughter. I worked for the Army as a civilian communications specialist in Fort Riley for 11 years. After that I was on the Topeka Police Department for 8 years and have been with the State since then. I like to shoot, hunt and work on pc's.
34, married, 2 year old daughter
police sergeant/firearms instructor
AS in general studies from Georgia Military College
BA in polisci w/ history minor from Valdosta State
MPA from UGA
adjunct instructor of policsci and criminal justice @ GMC
I'm 35, married for 14 years, and have a beautiful 12 year old daughter (who loves to shoot!)
I have a Political Science degree from Oklahoma State University and a Criminal Justice Degree from Northeastern State University - So what do I do? I'm a sales rep for a lighting company. I sell and design lighting systems for businesses and churches, etc. Mainly focusing on making them more energy efficient.
Love gun collecting and more important I love to shoot them!!
I spent 4 years in the Air Force as an electronic tech then landed a job with DOJ in Wash DC. I started as a Govt rep for an independent contractor at a firearms lab. During my stay in DC, I finally got my BS in Criminal Justice at GWU. Soon afer, I became a Special Agent in the DOJ Tech Services Division and supported many other Govt agencies for the next 20+ years. DOJ put me through gunsmith school in Trinidad, CO then factory schools at S&W and Colt. I retired in '84 and worked for Motorols as a Security Manager for 15 years. Meantime, I owned moon light gunsmith shops in San Bernardino, Phoenix, and Albuquerque. I retired in 1998 and moved back to my old home town in Iowa. I'm a bonified "old fart" now ... health sucks ... but I can still shoot nice groups and like to pull the handle on my Dillon 550.

My lovely wife and I are moving to Blair, Nebraska in about 6 weeks. We just closed a deal on a house so I have my work cut out for me. The 4 kids are scattered. One in Nebraska, one in Iowa, another in Arizona and one in California.
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I'm 71 1/2. Retired from driving, single but living with my lady. Started reloading in 1974, gave it up for a few years. Went to Junior college for a few years taking photography, going back this month to take digital photo. Like to shoot big bore levers and handguns. Currently own 3 rifles and 5 handguns plus two air rifles. Hobbies, shooting, reloading and photography. Live in Kennewick, Washington.
I'm 45 years old and manage an AutoZone store. Am married 20 years and have 2 boys 15 and 10 years old. They both like to shoot and hunt. I enjoy reloading and shooting and spending my boys inheritance on new firearms.
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