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What do you use for Targets?

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I have used about everything for targets. Now for short gun targets I use shotgun Clays more than anything. They are about the right size for 25 yards or less, and they burst when you hit them. I use paper targets sometime, but like the effect of something exploding when I shoot.
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For paper target I use the centers of Bianchi Cup targets with a black spot about the size of a quarter drawn in the middle of them. About the same as a paper plate with a black spot drawn on it. I just love shooting milk jugs, 2 liters, 20oz bottles filled with water with JHPs or JSPs. I just use the clays with my shotguns.
A white "Tall Kitchen" trash bag, a "Marks A Lot" magic marker for the cross, and masking tape to secure it to the back stop... Total Cost: $4.00 for fifty... [8D]
I like to print targets. I've collected hundreds, and printing is very cheap. :>
Silhouettes at indoor range-poker chips outdoors
I print my targets, and I kill a lot of paper at the range. When I get out doors, I use what ever I can find, beer cans, pop cans, hickory nuts, and what ever.
clays, bowling pins, scrap steel, brake rotors, empty propane cylenders, (i have my own backyard range) nothing with glass, unless its a cardoor test lol.

paper plates, cardboard from work, i get it in 4'x4' sheets, add a can of spray paint and your gtg.

mostly its paper plates, bowling pins and cardboard.
I have my own range and have a 5.5' (thats feet not inches) wooden telephone line spool. I save the little packets of mustard and ketchup you get at McD's, Sonic and other places. Attach these to the spool with thumbtacks and pop away at 'em! :D

My lady friend saves me the lids that are cut off of tin cans, the BIG one gallon size tin cans (resturant and cafeteria size). These are 6" in diameter and make good targets.

I also have a 4 disk dueling tree for 44 mag and smaller calibers.

I've also used clay targets. Milk jugs and 2 liter bottles filled with water. Old propane cylinders.

All in addition to paper targets.
When we used to teach the kids years ago, we always took a large piece of cardboard and would tape or staple ballons to it. Different colors and all different "sizes". The have the kids "call out their shots" ( pick a color and a size)
As Keith said, nothing like seeing something "happen". Most boring looking at .22 holes on a piece of paper at 100 yards or more.
I know, at the gun club I shot my Mini-14 in my first "service rifle" match and at 200 yards, could NOT see the holes , using a pair of binoculars ( I know, finally got a nice/decent spotting scope,but it was my FIRST match)All the other shooters were using .30 cals
Well we kept thinking I was missing the target and my spotter said to put one out in the 8-ring at 3 o'clock and I did, so we knew we could hit and "see" the target.
Went down range and saw I had put them ALL in the black,except for that 8 ringer, so I had won the prone and kneeling and lost the "overall" by one point!!!!
Needless that say that qualified me for my 'DCM' M-1 Garand 30-06, and I still have that gun today.:)
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I go to the local grocery store and buy out dated eggs. They make a fine reactive target and only cost .25 / doz. Sometimes I get citrus fruit for high power rifle plinking. Golf balls are fun too.
I use clay pigeons, eggs, grapes, AOL Cd's, paper and steel targets I made.
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