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errr... title should be Powerline... my bad.

took the boys out this evening to get a "good" backyard air rifle.

40 years ago i got a Daisy 880 Powerline - pump power .177 BB or pellet air rifle... it replaced my old spring action Red Rider... and it became my life partner for the next couple years in the backwoods of Stamford CT. oh the cans we converted to holy, the hotwheels we demolished, the occasional bird or squirrel we bagged (all with proper last rights and honorable burial)... but that was then...

fast forward, we have a backstop in the back yard for archery, which has doubled as a backstop for the boys Red Rider... which at best even at 40 feet is a crapshoot whether you will hit the paper or not.

dropped a whopping $39.95 at WallyWorld on the continued 880 Powerline... i mean, the model has survived 40+ years, its still gotta be good... back in the day it was better than the Crosman 760 - which also still exists... though significantly different in appearance than the old block of plastic pump...

well, it would appear that what i remembered my metal and solid plastic 880 Powerline to be... is no more.

havent put it to the test on the home range, and hopefully it shoots far better than it looks and feels... otherwise i could have filled my Sierra for what it cost and gotten more mileage out of it!

range report to follow once we dial in the "scope" and poke some holes in paper.

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Crosman makes a cheap one that's a step up from the 760 - I think it's the 2100 - that is still really good. I have the Remington version of the same gun that I got at Walmart and also got a cheapie Tasco scope there. I have never shot steel BBs out of it for fear of messing up the barrel. Have only shot lead pellets out of it, and it's crazy accurate and lethal on rabbits.

Across the garage (ten yards) it shoots pea-sized groups. Across the yard it'll knock rabbits as dead as a door-nail.

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I have a 1977 Crosman 760. I bought my son a 760 about 5 years ago. Man things have changed. I rebuilt my 760 and have used it to kill a few backyard squirrels in the last year. Anything over 20 yards and the squirrels laugh at me since there is no telling where the pellet is going.

I purchased a Ruger Targis spring pellet gun a few weeks ago and it shoots. It is made by Umarex and is really a nice gun for under $100. The squirrels will not be laughing at me now. It is definitely not a toy though.
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