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What have you bought in the last 48 hours?(firearms related)

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Hey everyone just wondering what everyone out there is purchasing these days, myself just purchased today 100 rds of Remington .223 ($37), a Rock River Arms Elite Operator 2 AR-15 ($1000), and 200 rds of 9mm for my SR9C ($46) what about you??
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Bought it a week ago, but just got it in the mail yesterday-
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You'll never know what i buy. never understood these threads or why folks willingly put up what type of gun related stuff they buy on the internet
You post on a 'Ruger' forum don't you?
If there is some sort of 'list' out there, you are on it aleady.;)
If someone is ofended by or doesn't think I should own the types of things I own, they are more than welcome to stop by my house and try to take it from me.
Do I get a keychain or medallion for abstaining for 48 hours?
I might be on the road to recovery!
Here ya go:

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Just like pouring a drink for an alcoholic:D
Bought a 4-16X 52 30mm BDC scope from Cabelas last night. Founds some obvious problems with the scope this morning so I'm taking it back. Probably going to get a Handgun scope for my SRH like I originally intended.
Took defective scope back, bought a Simmons Prohunter handgun scope and mounted it on my 480. Now I'm drinking a beer. The salesman at Cabelas offered me an extended warrantee, I told him "no thanks, the scope will eitehr hold up or it won't, I should find out by next week, and it will still be under store and manufacturers warrantee.:D
1 - 8 of 6761 Posts