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What have you bought in the last 48 hours?(firearms related)

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Hey everyone just wondering what everyone out there is purchasing these days, myself just purchased today 100 rds of Remington .223 ($37), a Rock River Arms Elite Operator 2 AR-15 ($1000), and 200 rds of 9mm for my SR9C ($46) what about you??
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Nothing. However I did load up last week on a couple thousand rounds of bullets in 38, 9mm & 45 and a matching number of appropriate primers.

Some of which I returned to the environment in the past 48 hours.
Added another Sig Sauer to the fold.

Little P290 9mm pocket pistol. Smooth DAO trigger and strangely accurate.

First five rounds were headshots on an IDPA target at 7 yards without cleaning or lubing, just straight out of the box.

A little family time at the range and this will be my EDC.

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Bought a Fobus paddle holster for my 3" SP 101.

One of the few I could find that fits the 3", but I love this little 9mm so much I wanted something so I could carry it from time to time.

Here's the gun, who cares about the holster. :D

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I ordered an Interstate Arms Hawk 982 12 guage. 18 1/2 inch HD "Tactical" shotgun with Ghost Ring sights. Impulse buy, couldn't resist.
Studs and swivels to attach a sling to a shotgun, a shotgun carry bag and a Target Sports Holographic Sight.

Worked great on a Hi Point 995 carbine.
Lets see, S&W M&P 15-22.. 3300 rounds of .22 LR and a lower for a .223 AR15.

Get 'em while you can..
Picked up a 2001 vintage Beretta 92FS Inox (Stainless). It was high on my bucket list, one with the stainless controls. Still needs a little more cleanup.

Needs some new grips, so I've ordered some Hogues and a few extra mags.

I'd like to "Ghost" it if I could find some of the Beretta branded gray Hogues, but I may put wood panels on it down the road. No special plans for it, just always wanted one. :)

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Picked up a Springfield Armory XD9 Tactical.

At 5" it is just a tad shorter than mt 5.25 XDm.

Interested to see if I can make it shoot as well. Came with all the Springfield Essential goodies.

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