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I haven't looked at a Cerakote color chart lately, but the last time I looked there were at least a half dozen colors with "FDE" in the name.
And there are more colors that are definitely FDE but don't have FDE in the name. Like "Smith & Wesson Tan".

I finished this M&P .45 in S&W Tan (bottom in pic) to match the 9mm that came from the factory that way (top).

Some models from Glock, Springfield, etc. come Cerakoted, but the slide and frame don't always look the same.
My Hellcat is that way, but the mismatched colors don't bother me in the least.
If it did I would blast and re-coat it.
Awesome gun, and anyway it spends 99.8% of the time in an IWB holster where no one, even me, will see it.

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