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What's the next Ruger you have your eye on?

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I've got my eye on a new KP90, with a manual safety. I love my KP97.

What's the next Ruger you have YOUR eye on?

NOTE: Since there is no subboard that covers all firearms, I posted this here.
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P345! I bought one for my son 1 1/2 years ago & have wanted my own ever since!
My next is my first.

(A GP-161)

I should be able to order in about 90 days, I can't wait!
Four inch Redhawk.
Four inch GP 100 .357 or two and a quarter SP101 .357
There are <s>four</s> five Rugers I want. Listed below in the order of desire - most to least.
A: Old model Blackhawk .45 Colt/ACP with the short barrel

B: Redhawk in .45 Colt with 5.5" barrel.

C: P-90 with the decocker

D: New Model Blackhawk .45 Colt/ACP with the short barrel

E: Old Model Blackhawk .44 Mag with the 7.5" barrel

Geeze, kinda looks like yours truly is stuck in rut. All my wants start with a "4".

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There is several Rugers that I want but I think the first would be a SP101.
I would like to add either one of the new P95s with textured grip or a P89 (or both :) ).
There are would be a P-90, or maybe a 345, and the second...a number 1 International in either 7x57 or .243.
I'm loking for a decent used .357 Blackhawk at a ridiculously low price but aint having much luck because there seem to be others with the same idea.:)
Either an anniversary model Blackhawk in 357 or a New Vaquero in the same caliber. Have a blued Vaquero that I will sell.
6.8 spc mini 14
a Ruger 22/45 Short Hunter & a Stainless Mark III so I can barrel swap, then sell the 22/45.
Can't decide
No. 1, .22-250
Single Six, .17HMR, 7.5" or 10" bbl.
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