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Stop Firing!

I wish I could see more of the case head, but what I can see is an extremely flattened primer in the first photo, and it appears that your rim has flowed into the extractor groove which is clipped off when you rotate the bolt. And, you say your bolt locks up, which is a very serious sign of high pressure. I'm sure that the others were quite sticky, to say the least. The bright ring around the brass that you speak of is known as incipient case head separation, which means that the brass has stretched at the web and was close to allowing dangerous gasses to escape. Those are danger signs of a sort that cannot be ignored, and are far beyond safe levels. For you to fire another shot with whatever you are doing is likely to blow that gun up. It's not unlikely that it has already suffered damaging stress over the course of those 30 shots. You have no idea what sort of pressure is required to hammer hard brass into the extractor groove with one shot.

That is typically the result of non factory ammunition. Are you using commercially reloaded or hand loaded ammo? Regardless of the source, quit immediately, as this is very incompetently loaded ammo.

Lubrication in a chamber can jump bolt thrust, but I can't see that remaining in a chamber for 30 shots. A chamber must be DRY, with absolutely no lubrication in either it or on the brass. But what my eyes tell me and what you say is that you've got some seriously overloaded ammunition. Factory ammunition does not come that way, and it most certainly would not be an issue from more than one source, with different components. That gun has gone through a beating and should be checked by a competent gunsmith before you fire it again. Destroy that brass by flattening it. It will come apart if it's ever loaded again, and even if the gun survives the shot, it will cut a groove in your chamber, ruining it.

Sorry this is in red, but you're way into neverland with that situation.
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