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Who else thinks S&Ws are ugly these days?

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Just got the 2006 Smith and Wesson catalog, and the thing that strikes me (along with the high MSRPs) is how UGLY Smith has made their handguns. They used to have the best looking guns in the world, but the mods they've made to them in the last few years have very effectively uglied them up. Anyone agree or disagree?
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Definitely so-the ugliest was the humpback .44 Spl 5-shot---they sure don't care about sleek and smooth anymore-like a Ruger p97 or a Bisley---and the prices are not realistic. If they got real with price, they'd sell more than they can make-Baby Boomers, raised on revolvers, are coming near the age the kids are out and a little money's around to buy-the nostalgia's not gonna kick in for the new models-look how many guys here've bought M19 or M66 recently-and Security Six----just my narrow minded opinion.
Had one Mod 39-then it was the best 9 to carry off duty if you were lefty-no safety to fumble-then I got a 59 and hated it-both went the way of the grocery store---making $500 month sure didn't leave much gun money!!!
Your stock should grow if they keep making the M21 and M22-and, if they make them in stainless-------you could get wealthy.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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