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Why do you like the 3 Screw Rugers?

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What’s so great about a 3 screw Super Blackhawk? If you had a choice between a brand new New Model SBH and a mint new looking 3 screw SBH for the SAME price which would you choose and why?
I am asking because I have to make such a decision! Soon! Quickly! Help me collective Obi-wan Rugers, you’re my only hope.
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My wife walked by and saw me reading this post and gave me the look. Yes, dear, I appreciate the old model. I won't trade you in for a new model.
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Probably like classic car market, we want something that reminds us of times gone by. Probably only take old one out once in a while, but if going to put a lot of miles (or bullets), grab the new one that's sitting next to it in garage (safe).
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