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Wolff Hammer Springs for P-Series

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The hammer spring directly affects how much pressure on the Double Action is required to cock and fire the pistol.

I purchased the kit, Wolff's Part number 26576, cost $9.00 + shipping, for 19,20 and 21 pound hammer springs... That way you can adjust the spring weight for your particular P-Series and ammunition, lightest would be 19, like I did... or move on up to heavier 20 or 21 pound springs.

<center>Click Here to go to Wolff's</center>

I used the 19 pound spring on my P95DPR. However, I have heard reports of problems when using CCI ammunition. I don't use CCI, and have tested Honady, Federal and Winchester with 100% ingnition rate.

The stock spring in Ruger's P-Series pistols is 22 pounds, Ruger part number V00400.


Click Here for P95DPR Hammer Sping R&R Instructions</center>
The best upgrade you can do for a Ruger P-Series, cheap, and completly reversible if you want to!

I hope this helps...:D
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I have thought about buying the springs but I do carry my P89 for concealed carry and was worried somewhat about reliablity. I have had trouble with my SP101 with Wolff springs, as well as a Taurus Tracker I used to own. The trigger return spring on my SP101 I had to leave stock or it would sometimes not return the trigger fast enough to reset it, and had to use the heaviest Wolff mainspring, so it really did no improve it much. The Taurus would work fine single action but not fire sometimes double action. I have used their springs in my single actions with complete satisifaction. Now, however, I just clip a coil or two from the mainspring of my single actions and unhook one of the trigger return spring "legs" and it works just fine (and don't cost my cheap butt nothing either!)
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