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would love to see

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A pump/combat shotgun from Ruger. I just want the tank that Ruger would create.
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What a wonderful idea!!! Never heard it mentioned before anywhere-add it to the wish list...
Like to see a 20 ga. pump with a 20-round stick in it-not a Ruger toy for sure-but someone American could mop up on it...
It'll do most of what a 12 does for game or defense-lots more user friendly-not quite as wide selection of ammo. Only kicks like a mule on ONE end.
Love a double-had one 12 Armalloyed once cut to 20 1/4---love to get a good 20 and do that again-fiberoptic front sight-light taped under the barrels-heck of a truck gun-fast and simple---and final...
1 - 4 of 20 Posts
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