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would love to see

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A pump/combat shotgun from Ruger. I just want the tank that Ruger would create.
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With all the available models of pump showguns already, what could Ruger do that would be so much superior? There's certainly limits with any design and with the shotgun, it's not as though one needs a super strong "tank" -like action. How often does one hear about an equivalent of "Ruger-only" loads for a shotgun? ;) Give me performance and useability over a tank. Build a tank and the folks that clamored for it will complain - *insert winey voice here* - "it's too heavy".
However...I'd be thinking there'll be a new model Ruger branded shotgun within the not too distant future. ;)
A few months ago I was talking to a Ruger sales rep in a gun store and he told me that he had seen a prototype pump a few years ago. I love my Rugers but I sometimes think lunacy runs rampant at corporate. i.e. where are all those Gold Labels. I think that was gun of the year a few back by some prominant gun magazine. Alas they don't really exist. So what DO we have ? A piston AR. Really? Oh well, to each his own.
There have been pump shotguns as well as semi-autos shotguns made and shown years back. For whatever reason Bill Ruger wasn't pleased enough to put them into production. I do recall he once stated that he wanted a new design and not just a copy of an existing design. The Gold Labels... they did enter production put production costs and some production issues never were improved enough to continue production. It's a dead model. :( Seen 'em and they one of THE nicest SxS's I've ever handled. Foolishily passed on it at the time. :eek: The's called business. You go where the interest is and that market while flooded is a huge one. Makes perfect sense actually.
Now go back a couple posts and re-read my previous one carefully. ;)
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