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Just finished an action job on SP-101 per IBOK!! Keep in mind I'd already slicked it a little polishing what I could reach without tearing the trigger assembly clear down. Iwogean sent me the IBOK a couple months ago and I finally made time this afternoon to do it right. No spring changes, but dang! it's slick!!! Also, took the billboard off but need to spend more time polishing the exterior.

Now, to open the cylinder throats and get a good holster and belt. Dog chewed up a good gunbelt and the other one shrunk, from the hot summer, I guess.

Would really like a bead blast and Gemini front sight. Got her loaded with Winchester "FBI" loads right now, on the desk beside me!

Oh, yeah, did run into a little problem: reasssembled and couldn't pull the trigger!!!!!!!! Pulled the trigger group and rechecked a couple times. Managed to pinch my finger between frame and trigger guard...DANG!! Fortunately had a bandaid handy. (Think I'd done that before, huh?) Finally realized I'd put the little dohickety (IBOK's downstairs!) that lifts the cylinder latch to lock the cylinder in upside down. I'm getting really good at disassemblying the trigger group. Iwogean: do you have a IBOK on the Remmy 870????

EDC is a G-19 IWB in a Rocketman "Lowrider" but I've been obsessing over this SP-101 for some time. I really think with the action job and the throat's opened it'll be a good shooter. Believe it or not, I shoot my revos better since I've been shooting a Glock a lot (after some training and learnig to "ride the sear"). Also, I like the factory grip though I've put homemade walnut inserts in 'em.

Comments?? Thanks for listening and THANKS Iwogean!!!

Stay safe.
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