1. Appx. 8-900 .45 acp mostly once fired from what I can tell. 98% large primer if not more Mixed head stamps. No military $85.00 shipped

2. Appx. 500 30'06 Most have been small based resized and trimmed. Mix of Military and some commercial. Once or twice fired. $100.00 shipped

3. Appx. 750 .308 once or twice fired & polished. Rims all look good. $100.00 shipped

4. Appx. 750 .308 Once/Twice fired mostly commercial brass small base sized and trimmed. $100.00 per box.

5. .223 standard ammo can full. Not sure of the count. Mix of military and commercial but more military then commercial. Ammo can included. $100.00

Email [email protected] to claim. Prefer Paypal Gift for payment. Shipped in US Priority mail boxes.
Note: Sized brass drops in and out of my Wilson cartridge case gauge but I would recommend you check yourself to your rifle before you reload them.