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Before I put these on an auction site I figure I'd let my fellow site members have a first shot at them. I have an extensive collection of P series guns and have decided to sell off a few for various reason. Every gun I collect is a B+ to A+ quality. Due to volume I'm selling please PM me for more info and specifics and detailed pictures for the one you are interested is. Shipping is a flat $35 to your FFL. Will NOT sell to California or New York. Here we go:

9mm blued with original case and Uncle Mikes custom grips. Extremely nice $450.00
(stainless) 9mm extremely nice $450.00
(stainless) 9mm extremely nice and somewhat rare $475.00
(stainless) .45acp NIB (new in box) incredibly nice with all original literature and box. New Houge grips. $600.00
(Two tone) .40 cal. Very nice example with little to no wear. $450.00
*KP94DC (stainless)
9mm. Very sought after!! One of the rarer production models! Very nice B+/A condition $550.00
(stainless) 9mm. Built in Tac-Star laser!!! ONE OF THE HOLY GRAIL P GUNS!!! This is a limited run gun developed for LEO that never sold in great quantities. This particular DAO is on of less than 200 produced. BRAND NEW UNFIRED condition is original box and YES the laser works. $750.00
.45acp. Very nice shape and extremely accurate. B+ shape $475.00

I'm pretty firm on my pricing as this reflects the average to low end of the market as it stands at the moment. Please PM me with any questions.

Thanks, Dave
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I can attest to the quality of these firearms ... i've seen the pictures and are all quality pieces ...
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