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I purchased a MC with adjustable sights. It has a 4.2" barrel. My MC suffered extraction problems that was mentioned in an earlier post. It took two visits to Ruger's service department to get it resolved, but it was resolved satisfactory. The revopver's second trip to the service department showed the high level of Tiger's commitment to resolving issues.
The service tech called me after receiving my pistol. He had fired several different brands of ammo and was not able to reproduce the problem. He asked me what brand of ammo I was shooting. I told him I was shooting Miltech 158 gr .357 mag ammo.
He told me that was not one of the brand's. He then asked if I would mind waiting for two weeks until he got the Miltech ammo he ordered.
I agreed to wait and 10 days later he called me and said the Miltech ammo failed to eject. He replaced the cylinder and that resolved the problem.
My hat is off to the folks at Tiger's Service department.
I also had Failure to extract issues with my Match Champion. Sent it back and it has been good since.
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