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Your very first time out with a rifle/pistol

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...and how old were you?

My very first rifle I ever shot was my dad's old Marlin Model 60 at the age of 12, now I'm 27(I got a late start to guns, due to growing up in Hawaii and dad didn't want to bring any of his guns on over). It's a very accurate rifle.

My very first pistol was again, my dad's Bersa 380 at the age of 11. At the time, dad just bought it at the local gun show so it was the first pistol he owned, just not the first one he has ever shot. Dad was wanting to make sure I can handle, operate, shoot and at least hit the target. If for some reason someone was to break-in to the house, I would have the means to defend myself and mom(mom, on the same day when we were all qualifing with the Bersa, could not hit the target to save her life).
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Looks like a Winchester auto-I miss those old guns that fed s,l,lr or a handful of all...though s is almost scarce and lr is most could shoot all day on one loading...and we did.
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